Plus Size, Big Girl, Voluptous.. and the many other names they call US!

If you are a size 12 or better the above mentioned picture is something you may hear from time to time. Personally, I honestly hate hearing this saying because a woman should not be boiled down to her dress size but unfortunately that’s how it is! I remember hearing a man telling a girl who is a PLUS SIZE BEAUTY that if she lost a couple of pounds she would be gorgeous. When I heard this I pulled her to me and said “Girl, you are beautiful, vivacious, and a QUEEN and you should be treated as such”. She wiped her tears and kept it moving. Ladies that are classified as BIG girls have to learn to first love themselves UNCONDITIONALLY because if they don’t they tend to settle for less. If we start self embracing one another instead of tearing each other down or stepping on each other’s self esteem we won’t be able to learn the true meaning of LOVE and how influential it is to first start with ourselves before we even begin to love others.